Last update: Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 12:19 PM.
RSS Code Updates feed
    • Here's another way to find out what's new in the OPML Editor world.
    • It's a feed containing the last 100 updates to opml.root and all the Tools that I'm maintaining.
    • Even though the code bits are included as enclosures, I think this feed is mainly useful as a human-readable log of changes to the environment.
    • And because it has a <cloud> element, it's a useful test for rssCloud apps.
    • Well, I was doing a lot of this stuff in FriendFeed, and expected at some point, when they supported rssCloud, that we'd roll it in there. We may still do that, depending on how all this stuff evolves.
    • But now that they're part of Facebook, I wanted to accelerate the process and begin the route-around. This just makes it more clear than ever that we have to host our own loosely-coupled network of realtime updates.